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The Chiefs’ focus: No slow start in the Super Bowl

The one-liner was unexpected.

Chiefs linebacker Anthony Hitchens was answering a question about the San Francisco 49ers’ ground attack when he quickly diverted to a different point.

“Our mindset is to stop the run,” Hitchens said, smiling before leaning toward the microphone. “And for the third week in a row, try to get off to a better start.”

Many reporters laughed, as Hitchens was speaking to a truth.

It’s one, though, that will be much less funny for the Chiefs if it continues in next week’s Super Bowl.

Read more at The Kansas City Star.

Kyle Shanahan, left, San Francisco head coach, and Andy Reid, Kansas City head coach, visit after the Chiefs/49ers preseason game on Saturday, Aug. 24, 2019. (Photo by Jacob Brower, Archer’s Bow Media)

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